White Pine Acupuncture, Asheville, NC
Tuesday, February 4, 2014 at 10:04AM
Heather Spangler, L.Ac. in Asheville, Daoist Traditions, HS-ACUPUNCTURE, Jeffrey Yuen, Lorie Dechar, Practice


Heather Spangler, L.Ac., is as delighted to be a part of White Pine Acupuncture in Asheville, North Carolina, as she is caring for patients within the rich variety and framework of Classical Chinese medicine. 

With gratitude, she earned a Master's degree in Classical Chinese medicine from Daoist Traditions College also in Asheville, where she had the invaluable opportunity to pursue in-depth study with 88th generation Daoist priest Jeffrey Yuen. His vast knowledge combined with his inspiring and gentle spirit serves as a continuing touchstone for Heather in her life and practice. 

While still in school, Heather organized and benefitted deeply from the teachings of Five Element acupuncturist, teacher and author, Lorie Dechar, L.Ac, helping Heather in her process of further integrating what it means to practice a mind, body and spirit medicine. 

Indeed, one of the most satisfying aspects of practicing Chinese medicine for Heather is being able to treat such a wide range of health concerns so effectively and with genuine care for the individual. 

As Heather works seasonally at White Pine, please contact her for the dates she will next be in town.

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